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Kate Young The Physio Room Wanaka Physiotherapist - Kate TurnerKate previously worked in Wanaka for 2.5 years and then decided to branch out on her own. Kate is the original author of the Core Classes, she started with one class a week in 2012, and due to constant growing popularity by 2014 she was running 7 classes a week and now currently runs 10 per week. At the same time Kate also set up Bike Fitting for cyclists, using her physiotherapy skills she is able to assess both bike and rider for inconsistencies.

Previous to working in Wanaka Kate was based in Auckland. During this time she worked at one of New Zealand’s oldest rugby clubs, treating rugby and netball players, along with the general public. Since living in New Zealand Kate has worked at a number of international sports events:

  • The ITU World Championships in 2012 as a medic/ physio
  • The French Rugby team during the Rugby World Cup in 2011
  • Auckland Waitakere netball team during the 2010 NPC in Invercargill
  • The French Rugby team during their tour of New Zealand in 2009
  • In Samoa with the Manu Samoan rugby team in 2009

Kate originally graduated from Nottingham University in 2002. She spent the first 5 years of her career working in the UK developing her physiotherapy skills, to name a few these included acupuncture, musculoskeletal imbalance assessments, deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations, hydrotherapy and she also trained as a Pilates instructor.

Being a keen cyclist and triathlete herself Kate noticed that there is not a Bike Fitting service provided by a medical person with in-depth knowledge of human anatomy to help prevent and treat injuries for cyclists. From this point, Kate has made it her mission to provide a comprehensive service that can address the athlete and the bike as a single unit. Kate has spent time in the UK with some of the most experienced bike fitters and has also spent time with the best cycling physio's, she has combined the knowledge gained from the two professions to provide the optimal package.