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Bike Fit in Wanaka The Physio Room Road bike fitting 300x200 - Bike FittingBike fitting is for anyone who rides a bike, whether you are new to cycling, adding tri bars for the first time or making sure you are in biomechanical harmony with your bike.

Not only will a bike fit improve your comfort and efficiency, but safeguard you from injury.

Anyone who rides for more than 60 minutes at a time would seriously benefit from getting a fit done.

Benefits of getting a bike fit at The Physio Room:

Carried out by a physiotherapist, your fitter will look at the whole picture, you and the bike. Most bike fitters are originally bike mechanics, so unfortunately they can only fit the bike to the person. However, when carried out by a physiotherapist, who has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and cycling injuries, they can fully assess your biomechanics to ensure both rider and bike are in harmony.

  • Your fitter can create a program of stretching and strengthening exercises tailored to your bodies requirements.
  • Your fitter can provide any ongoing physiotherapy treatment that may be required in the future.
  • Your bike fit is dynamic, not static: at The Physio Room we use Dartfish video Analysis technology. This enables your bike fitter to video you on your bike, they can then freeze the video to take the required measurements, rather than making you pause while riding so the measurements can be taken directly off you.

Bike fitting is for anyone who:

  • Suffers pain / discomfort while riding
  • Wants to check their bike set up, in order to be preventative of injuries
  • Is returning from any injury / surgery
  • Wishes to become more efficient on the bike
  • Wishes to become more aerodynamic


Bike fitting for any type of bike:

  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Time trial bike
  • Commuter bike
  • Track bike


Kate is our physio who carries out the bike fits. Being a keen cyclist and triathlete herself Kate noticed that there is not a service provided by a medical person with in-depth knowledge of human anatomy to help prevent and treat injuries for these sports. From this point, Kate has made it her mission to provide a comprehensive service that can address the athlete and the bike as a single unit. Kate has spent time in the UK with some of the most experienced bike fitters and has also spent time with the best cycling physio's, she has combined the knowledge gained from the two professions to provide the optimal package.

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