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Wanaka Hydrotherapy The Physio Room Sports Massage and Physiotherapist Kate Turner 300x216 - HydrotherapyHydrotherapy is water therapy to relieve pain and promote physical well-being through exercise and relaxation. In the pool a unique selection of exercises are available to us as we can use buoyancy to provide assistance or resistance, this is the opposite to being on land where we have gravity. The ideal temperature of the pool is 35C, unfortunately Wanaka pool is less than this so we are limited with treatment options. However there are a number of injuries that the pool can really help with, even at the cooler temperatures.


Hydrotherapy can be used for:

  • Painful / highly irritable injuries, eg frozen shoulder
  • Stiff joints that are not improving with traditional physiotherapy treatments, eg stiff knee after a knee replacement
  • After lower limb surgery or serious injuries where full weight-bearing is restricted
  • Improving core stability, especially for low back pain
  • Gait re-education
  • Rehabilitation for shoulders, spinal, hip, knee and ankle surgery
  • Acute and chronic low back pain